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Hills So High

by A House For Lions

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Your father nearly had a heart attack He said if you go black you know you can’t come back I was happy enough to leave him unaware But if you don’t care then baby i don’t care We’ll hide away from all the others We never have to come back Here I wanna say something about America (Wanna make some rousing statement) But all i do is keep calling out your name (but I’m standing on the pavement, waiting here, calling out your name) When your sister heard her little face turned She knows the future turns around our humble bed He who dares where’s the golden crown Ashes ashes baby all fall down Leave on your bedroom light We’ll leave here tonight If I waste all my life here I could go insane We’ll run ‘til there’s no road left I won’t take a breath Til I sing out to heaven Calling out your name
i wasn't scared of nothing I held my hands down at my side If you got love and a rocket Don't need no place to run and hide They say don't put your love out on the table I know we're all to blame But things just ain't the same in Hollywood And I said You've got your ordinary life Why don't you aim it toward the light Don't run away, don't run away That's what I said But now I'm scared of dying I'm only sure of my defeat I'm always looking for something I walk the walk and keep the beat O David, Sarah and Brian We used to run out on the town And though we tried to be weightless We fall to the ground
I don't even know your name If you wanna go downtown We can start a whole new band We can play our songs around I like to sing Come on to the penny arcade We can make the lights flash bright We can make the old bells clang We can run away tonight I like to drive All the mistakes that i made in the name Of escaping the fate of my family Shame on me for thinking that way I am just like them and I'm okay Will you love me anyway Maybe when the streets run red I can finally be free If I got a place down south Would you share a bed with me I sleep to dream
I'm gonna test my will I want to put things right You don't wanna wait for me Not gonna stop until The artist can pay his bills You don't wanna wait for me But somehow in the night The feelings always right on time You don't wanna wait for me I got a new idea I'm gonna set it down I just wanna say my piece A gathering in the field A search through the lost and found I just wanna be released
SOS XOX 03:48
Do you wanna wait Or lay it on the line Don't want politics I'm wailing on the radio Wailing on the radio The radio! I was a hero They made me a liar There is no way in No way out I'm buried alive (don't kick me aside) SOS! I won’t submit to no committee just to see my name in lights above the city now XOX! I thought that love is all we needed Just to be more like the sun and let the light bleed out out out! Is it A or B That understands your plight Check a box and wait And have a dream and let it go I think you and me Are entitled to a fight If we die at least We're dying in stereo Dying in stereo In stereo!
I think we got a problem I can see it in your eyes You can't afford to tell All the neighbors that You chose so well Are never on your side You say your feeling lonely But it’s only a disguise You play the angel fell So you shout into the deepest well Your idle heart can find Now come on up here baby And sing us your song One life to live Don't wait too long It don't have to be so hard The wind don't cry For your alibis The sun don't change While your heart beats thru the long night We're dancing around the fire Can you look within Use your sin No the lights don't change They just stay the same You don't have to be so hard You're starting at the bottom If we’re going to survive You gotta use your name If the praise is yours Then so's the blame Stand up and be counted That devil the rising tide That butcher the commonplace The book written on your face
Let Back 03:34
We'll write a book worth reading We'll pass the test no cheating But it’s the curse of living It’s always just beginning Can you let back? I can float in back And to my friends and lovers Well let’s get under covers Could we really go there? And not end up nowhere? To all the new beginnings To all the screws unspinning
Clear off the kitchen table Off to bed kiss goodnight When you were born we named you Brightest diamond hills so high You can have whatever you like As the kings will find their coffins So you'll rise Covered in grace and alight As you burn run for your life Outside your bedroom window Painted faces shining eyes Call to you like a mirror Hidden power, hidden light You can save them You can raise them up You can tame them You can tie them by the hands Go to the midnight garden Naked in the moon's spotlight Stand on the giants shoulders Distant sunrise, sight sublime Clear off the kitchen table Off to school now wave goodbye When you were born we named you Brightest diamond hills so high
Nightfalls 04:49
I seen evil I seen more Than the darkness That your eyes have seen I am not so clean I am restless For the end Steady coming For the best of us And the rest of them You should call them boys if you see fit Will they have boots on Make me confess all my useless sins You should call them up G'on ahead/our fates are set 'Cause/and the past ain't through with us just yet When the night falls on the path While the lights descending Am I still pretending That we're ever coming back No we're never coming back Common blood in Separate hearts Stand divided But the stars above Can't tell us apart Dirty waters Fill our cup Will you drink it Can you choke it down Have you had enough It’s a game and I'm a toy The world don't comfort me None for this boy Everybody Gather round For the car crash Join your hands and sing How we all fall down For the murdered For the drowned For the living Join your hands and sing How we all fall down When the night falls on the path All our fates descending Am I still pretending That we're ever coming back Say a prayer for lovers For your sisters, brothers But it's not my lie to tell That if we keep trying There's a finish line When the night falls on the path Are we ever coming back It’s a game that you can't win In the world I've found no joy No peace within
I Won't Burn 04:28
I wake with a question tripping on my tongue: Will I burn that bridge today? And every night before I close my eyes: I could blow them all away I'm sorry dad but I won't burn! It's your bridge today… This time, it's mine! I'm off on my lonely way What's left, say yes! Though you taught me how to pray Walking alone through my new island home All my blue skies turned to grey But I'll build a throne from all these broken stones Whisper as each course I lay I'm sorry dad but I won't burn! Brother I'm sad but it’s your turn I have to let you go It hurts worse than you know Give a kiss to my mother...


"LA’s A House For Lions caught us off guard with the single, “Ordinary Life”, where Daniel Norman and the band give some slow strumming sentiments to lift spirits from the drudgery of routine. Norman with the help of Mike Nissen, Eric McCann and Joe Luisi create a sound that the 90s power poppers certified and set in stone as the standards of what a pop song should be. With an ever-so-slight twang, they shake down those old records from BMX Bandits, Boy Hairdressers, 80s Rough Trade distro underachievers, exuding a polished take on the entire 53rd and 3rd Records oeuvre that was managed and manicured by Stephen Pastel. “Ordinary Life” edifies the suburban ennui of the stuck-at-home where the cool folks that are all dressed up with no where to go and no one to go with find a common bond over an alt-LA pop gem." - Impose Magazine


released June 24, 2014

Daniel Norman - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Nissen - Lead Guitar
Eric McCann - Bass, Keyboards
Joseph August Luisi - Drums, Percussion

All songs by Daniel Norman and A House for Lions
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Tom Biller
Strings Recorded by Ali Helnwein
String Arrangements by Eric McCann
Baritone Saxophone on Nightfalls: David Ralicke
Recorded at The Hangar Studios and Baby Possum Studio
Mastered by Dave Cooley
Design by Mike Nissen


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all rights reserved



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